Bjørn Lægdsgaard Helbo

Patent Attorney
M.Sc. in physics

Bjørn started within the patent industry in 2019 as an examiner at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office. In 2023, he joined Patentgruppen and is handling drafting of patent applications, patent prosecution, strategy and analysis, among other things. Bjørn is taking on every task with a thorough and structured approach.

Bjørn has a Master’s Degree in physics from Aarhus University, where he focused his studies in the field of medical physics. He worked especially within radiotherapy of cancer as part of an experimental research project aiming to optimize radiotherapy of esophagus cancer by monitoring the movement of the tumor during the course of treatment of the patient. Additionally, Bjørn has a great general knowledge within physics.


IP Special Skills
  • Patent drafting, application process and prosecution
  • Prior art search
  • Novelty search
  • Dialogue-based search
  • Counselling on IP-rights
Technical Core Competencies
  • Conveying systems
  • Hospital physics
  • Medical physics
  • Medico technology
  • Robot technology