We offer a wide variety of services and have extensive experience within the following fields

Patentgruppen offers consultancy in the field of intellectual property (IP).

Our expertise includes patents, utility models, designs, IP strategy, IP analysis, Freedom-to-Operate, budgeting for IP activities, filing strategy, technical IP assistance in litigation, and much more.

We start by understanding our clients’ needs and aim to collaborate with you to create the right IP strategy for your company.

We aim to assist our clients in a way that ensures their patent portfolios are not just paper and old decisions, but instead assets that can be used to elevate our clients’ business and protect it from competitors.

Activating a patent portfolio doesn’t necessarily mean increased costs – quite the opposite! By being proactive in managing your IP, for example, you can minimize the costs of responding to office actions or by focusing on market changes around products, you can avoid paying renewal fees in countries that are no longer relevant to the company, thus saving money.