IP management sikrer dig kontrol over immaterielle rettigheder

It is essential for companies to have an overview of which intellectual property rights impact on their activities both in Denmark and on export markets. 

This comprises identification of the company’s own chances of obtaining patent protection, the value of the company’s existing intellectual property rights to competitors and any intellectual property rights owned by competitors.

In Patentgruppen, we contribute to clarification of these circumstances, among other things by establishing a patent strategy and maintaining this patent strategy for our customers.

Moreover, Patentgruppen believes that innovation should be handled creatively meaning that an open-minded and creative approach to e.g. patenting may increase the potential gain significantly. Thus, we believe that middle-sized and large companies to a greater extent should focus on what may be achieved by an active and creative patent strategy rather than focusing on a traditional approach to applying IP.

We have thorough knowledge of the international systems and are aware that legislation differs considerably from one country to another. Thus, we would like to assist our customers in exploiting this knowledge rather than confining ourselves to the practice known from our home ground.

Moreover, we also focus on the fact that a condition for obtaining optimized rights at a strategic level requires a good communication with the people that actually generate the innovative ideas, i.e. inventors according to the traditional view, marketing people, management or sales people.

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Ulrich Gramstrup Bærentsen
Partner, European Patent Attorney, Certified Danish Patent Agent (CDPA)
B.Sc. in electrical engineering
Nicolaj Reuss Bjerre
Partner, European Patent Attorney Technical Physics with a master thesis in laser physics
Søren Degn
Partner, European Patent Attorney, Qualified Court Appointed Expert
B.Sc. in mechanical engineering specialized in automation
Jens Jeppesen
Partner, European Patent Attorney, Representative before the Unified Patent Court (UPC), European Design Attorney
B.Sc. in electrical engineering specialized in software, data technology and data communication
Jørgen Møller
CEO, Partner, Patent Attorney, European Design Attorney
M.Sc. in electrical engineering