A patent gives the patentee the right to prohibit others in commercially exploiting an invention, e.g. by production, sale or marketing of the patented invention. To obtain patent protection of an invention, the invention must fulfil certain criteria: novelty, inventive step and industrial applicability. This means that publication of the invention must not have taken place before patent protection has been applied for, and the invention must be inventive over known prior art and not be obvious to a person skilled in the art.

With a patent on hand, a patentee can prevent competitors from utilizing the invention for up to 20 years in the countries and regions in which a patent has been sought. By defining what competitors cannot do, a unique opportunity to control competitors can be achieved.

Patentgruppen specialize in drafting of patent application in collaboration with our clients. We identify the clients’ needs in relation to a specific project and create a strategic plan of action, not only for the invention concerned but also with an eye to the client’s overall business.

Our patent attorneys have years of experience in a wide range of technological fields and are experts in both Danish, European and international patent practice. In Patentgruppen, we strive to provide the best conditions for good patent protection and therefore, we work in teams to achieve a high level of knowledge sharing.

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