IP Budgetting

How much does patenting cost and when do costs fall due? How do I prioritize in which countries to file? How do I relate to my competitive position and my competitors?

We often experience both small and large companies expressing that they lose perspective of how they spend their money in the best possible way in relation to patenting and  when in the process costs fall due.  

Patentgruppen has great experience in consulting on the “Time and Money” aspect. During Patentgruppen’s more than 25 years in the industry, we have collected actual costs of the patenting process based on real data which is why we are able to outline course of events, costs and/or budgets based on real patents and real companies. The most significant advantage of these budgets is to give our customers a true and fair view of the level of costs for a given task and to align expectations with the work to be carried out.


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Erik Drengsgaard
COO, Partner
M.Sc. (Business and Economics)
Jørgen Møller
CEO, Partner, Patent Attorney, European Design Attorney
M.Sc. in electrical engineering