Utility Model

A utility model is a faster and less expensive way to obtain protection of your invention than a patent. Denmark is one of few countries in which a utility model is obtainable.

A utility model is mainly useful for technical inventions for which the client wants to obtain registration without delay. It is mostly registered without any examination by the patent authority, meaning that it has not been considered whether the invention actually fulfils the criteria for utility model protection – i.e. whether the invention is novel and possess inventive step – and therefore, you do not know the validity of the utility model until examination has possibly been carried out. It is possible to request examination of a utility model registration, either by the holder himself or by a third party.

Despite the above, it can still be the right decision for your company to apply for a utility model registration in stead of a patent.

Patentgruppen has many years of experience in utility models and is able to provide advice on advantages and disadvantages in this regard, particularly in a strategic perspective.

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