Life Science

Patent protection within Life Science is vital to ensure that innovative discoveries and technologies within this complex field obtain the right recognition and protection.

Within Life Science, special challenges and requirements must be handled when applying for a patent. Inventions within Life Science are often complex and require a thorough knowledge of both technical expertise and legal aspects of patent legislation – but also knowledge of other technology fields applied.

At Patentgruppen, our experts within the Life Science sector work closely together with our customers to avoid these challenges. Our aim is to ensure that each patent application is carefully drafted to meet the unique requirements within Life Science. This does not only involve technical expertise, but also a clear understanding of the current legislation and practice within this field.

We offer customized solutions to our customers within Life Science, including:

  • Technical Expertise: Our patent consultants possess a thorough technical knowledge of Life Science to ensure a correct and precise description of the invention. 
  • Legal Competence: We keep up-to-date on the latest development within patent legislation and practice within Life Science which is vital to obtain a successful patent protection.
  • Proactive Communication: We work closely together with our customers to be able to understand their needs and ensure clear and efficient communication during the whole patenting process.

Contact us for further information on patent protection within Life Science and meet our experts in this field.

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Jens Vejle
Patent Attorney
M.Sc. in Medicinal Chemistry
Matilde Hyldig
Patent Attorney
M.Sc. Molecular Biomedicine
Rune Bæksager Nielsen
Patent Attorney
Ph.D. at CFIN. M.Sc. in biomedical/medical engineering
Nicolaj Reuss Bjerre
Partner, European Patent Attorney Technical Physics with a master thesis in laser physics
Jørgen Møller
CEO, Partner, Patent Attorney, European Design Attorney
M.Sc. in electrical engineering