Novelty Search

A novelty search, also referred to as a patentability search, is essential for determining the patentability of an invention before preparing and filing a patent application. A novelty search involves searching for prior art that already describes all or part of the invention.

In Patentgruppen, we have many years of experience in conducting novelty searches, and by using advanced tools for searching in patent databases, we are well equipped for the task of identifying relevant prior art in relation to a given invention.

Performing a novelty search before filing patent application is advantageous in that the risk of having a patent application rejected based on previously unknown prior art may be reduced. In some cases, the invention may already be well known, and the result of the novelty search may save costs by avoiding the pursuit of a patent for an already existing invention, and in other cases, parts of the invention may already be known, and the result of the novelty search may be used to redefine the invention in light of the identified prior art.

In Patentgruppen, we are happy to go one step further, and not only do we conduct thorough novelty searches, we are happy to help identify possible patentable aspects of an invention in light of the prior art identified in our search, so that we can draft a more robust patent application on the invention.


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