Regardless of whether you are an applicant for a patent, a patent proprietor or an opponent in an opposition case against another patent, you can be exposed to decisions that adversely affects you.

For example, as an applicant for a patent, you may experience that a patent office rejects your patent application, as a patent proprietor, you may have your patent invalidated in whole or in part, and as an opposing party, you may experience that your opposition is rejected.

If, as in these examples, you are adversely affected by a decision from a patent office, it is possible to appeal the decision. Filing an appeal makes it possible to have the case tried at a higher instance in the patent system and ultimately to have an earlier decision overturned.


Preparation is key when it comes to appeals.

It is extremely important that the appeal is thoroughly prepared and that all arguments are presented from the start, since appeal procedures are typically quite restrictive in relation to the presentation of new arguments.

Patentgruppen assists in all aspects of appeals, from the preparation of written appeals to participation in oral proceedings before Boards of Appeal.