IP Audit

A thorough evaluation of a company’s intangible assets, including patents, trademarks, design registrations, copyrights, knowhow, trade secrets etc. In an IP Audit, both the status of your present IP and where you can exploit your intangible assets further to protect your company are identified. During this process, it also becomes obvious where further measures are to be taken to optimize the company’s IP.

Why choose an IP Audit?

Today, IP accounts for a significant part of a company’s value, and it is decisive to gain full insight into the extent of these assets to maintain this value. Hidden factors may exist that potentially prevent the protection of your intangible assets which will be identified in an IP Audit.

A well-performed IP Audit grants you the necessary tools to handle the challenges identified in your portfolio. This does not only make it possible to avoid unnecessary costs, but also to optimize the return on your investment.

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Ulrich Gramstrup Bærentsen
Partner, European Patent Attorney, Certified Danish Patent Agent (CDPA)
B.Sc. in electrical engineering