Kaj Olesen

Partner, European Patent Attorney, European Design Attorney
M.Sc. specialized in analogue and digital regulation and control engineering

Kaj started working in the patent industry in 1984, initially as an examiner at the Danish Patent and Trademark Office and later on as a patent attorney in the patent industry. In 2000, he joined Patentgruppen. Kaj is a European Patent Attorney and has decades of experience in drafting of patent applications, patent prosecution as well as oral proceedings and oppositions at the European Patent Office (EPO).

Kaj is excellent at identifying the core of complex issues without spoiling details. He is very good at seeing things from the inventor’s perspective and at communicating problematic issues in a clear manner.


IP Special Skills
  • EPO practice, including opposition, defence, oral proceedings
  • Infringement analysis
  • Patent drafting, application process and prosecution
  • Utility model drafting, application process and prosecution
  • Danish patent practice
Technical Core Competencies
  • Automated process equipment
  • Power electronics
  • Process control and measuring equipment
Technical Skills
  • Automation / robot technology
  • Systems and components of energy technology
  • Home automation
  • Agricultural technology
  • Power plant technology
  • Medico electronics and technology
  • Electrical machines and control thereof
  • Regulating and remote controlling systems for building equipment
  • Regulation and control systems for motor vehicles
  • Tools and measuring equipment
  • Wind turbine technology