Søren Degn

Partner, European Patent Attorney, Qualified Court Appointed Expert
B.Sc. in mechanical engineering specialized in automation

Søren started working in Patentgruppen in 2004 and obtained qualification as European Patent Attorney in 2014. With his wide experience both within and outside the patent industry, he is particularly good at focusing his attention on the needs of the individual company. Søren is thorough and methodical as well as quick at seeing through complicated issues. He has particular focus on drafting of patent claims with solid coverage and a strong probability of issuance.

Furthermore, Søren has vast experience in participating in IP lawsuits and arbitrations concerning patent infringement, serving as an expert witness, and as Qualified Court Appointed Expert, and advisor.


IP Special Skills
  • IP Strategy
  • EPO practice, including opposition, defence, oral proceedings
  • Participating in IP lawsuits and arbitrations concerning patent infringement
  • Patent drafting, application process and prosecution
  • Freedom-To-Operate analyses and infringement assessments
  • Searches: novelty, invalidation, Freedom-To-Operate, etc.
Technical Core Competencies
  • Mechanical processes and methods
  • Instruments and equipment
  • Tools
  • Wind turbine technology
Technical Skills
  • Packaging and wrapping
  • Hospital equipment
  • Houses and equipment including thermodynamic processes
  • Agricultural technology
  • Bearings and guides as well as equipment including these
  • Linear actuators (pneumatic hydraulic and electrical) as well as equipment including these
  • Process automation, including automated welding and robot implementation
  • Slaughterhouse equipment
  • Equipment and methods for soil treatment and investigation
  • Equipment and processes for the food industry
  • Plumbing technology