Jens Jeppesen has obtained the European Patent Litigation Certificate

May 2024
By Katrine Toppenberg

Congratulations to Jens Jeppesen for obtaining the European Patent Litigation Certificate, thereby allowing him to act as Representative before the Unified Patent Court (UPC).

Jens obtained the European Patent Litigation Certificate at Academy of European Law (ERA) and Maastricht University, accredited to this purpose by the UPC itself.

A considerable part of the exciting and educational Sep ’23 – May ‘24 course was dedicated to practical training and role playing in terms of mock trials where Jens and the other participants would draft and file written briefs and later conduct oral hearings as representatives on behalf of fictive plaintiffs and defendants in front of law professors, judges and lawyers experienced from patent courts around Europe.

To act as Representative before the UPC is required a European Patent Attorney (EPA) with a European Patent Litigation Certificate, like Jens, or a lawyer, an EPA with a law degree or significant court experience, or, for a limited period, an EPA with an alternative IP litigation certificate.

The Unified Patent Court (UPC) is a dedicated patent court common to the majority of the EU. So far, 17 member states of EU have joined the UPC, which opened the doors last year, on 1 June 2023. UPC can rule on infringement, validity and more in relation to Unitary Patents and national parts of European patents in the participating countries.