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Ulrik Skovgaard Rasmussen, Innovator and Managing Director at The Brew Company

Since 2003 Patentgruppen has handled the vast majority of our IPR projects and has continuously proven to be a truly unique partner. Our company, although small, has always had a strategic approach to IPR and invested heavily in developing it.

Thus, it is crucial to our business that Patentgruppen performs as a reliable and innovative partner when it comes to both obtaining and maintaining our exclusive rights. As a result of our cooperation, we now effectively control an entire sub category within brewing of coffee and tea and our patent portfolio has impressed even very large American IP and law firms.

The Brew Company invented and patented the Coffeebrewer as a one-of-a-kind coffee product that combines the smoothness of a pour-over brew with the body and character of a French Press.

The Coffeebrewer is a game-changer for coffee drinkers seeking the ultimate combination of flavor and portability. Ideal for busy individuals seeking a convenient and delicious coffee experience away from home.

Additionally, The Brew Company offers a range of whole bean coffee options for coffee connoisseurs to explore unique taste profiles and brew their favorite methods from the comfort of home.

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